Terms and Conditions


1.1. The organizer of the contest is Imprezzio Global LLC, based in Floresti, Florilor Street, No. 192B, apartment 33, Cluj County, registered at the Trade Register under no. J12 / 299 /2010, CUI RO26555862, represented by statutory manager Ciuleanu Tudor Armand, hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”.


2.1. The contest, called “Idea Challenge by Imprezzio” aims to present and evaluate ideas about developing software products or business ideas related to information technology and communications.

2.2. All the participants are bound by the terms and conditions of the competition rules, hereinafter referred to as the “Regulation”, as described below.

2.3. The Regulation is drafted by the Organizer and will be communicated to the participants via the company website http://ideachallenge.imprezzio.com/, and is also available at the offices of the Organizer, located in Cluj-Napoca, Buftea Street, No. 1, 3rd floor.

2.4. The Organizer reserves the right to amend or change the Regulation during the contest. Such changes will be implemented only after their publication on the company website http://ideachallenge.imprezzio.com/

2.5. The Organizer reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, cancel or suspend the contest.

2.6. By enrolling in this competition, participants accept to receive commercial communications from Imprezzio Global LLC.

2.7. The Organizer is holding this competition with the purpose of investing in an original idea/ IT start-up business identified during the presentation of the ideas submitted by the participants. Obtaining the investment is by no means guaranteed for the winners, but will be decided by the Organizer after the evaluation of the potential project.


3.1. Participants must register for the contest as a team (composed of one or more members), or on behalf of a start-up business.

3.2. The only requirement for eligibility is that the idea of the participants must include a component from the area of information technology and communications.

3.3. Participants must speak fluent English, as all stages of the contest will be conducted in English.


4.1. The “Idea Challenge by Imprezzio” contest runs from 01.08.2016 to 23.10.2016, according to the following schedule:
Stage I: Applications will be submitted starting from 08.08.2016 until 25.09.2016.
Stage II: Meetings with the participants to review the business ideas will take place between 15.09.2016 and 25.10.2016.
Stage III: Presentation of the project/ business idea to the jury will take place on 22.10.2016.
Stage IV: Designating the winners and granting the awards will take place on 23.10.2016.


5.1. In the first stage, participants must provide the Organizer with the contact details of the team/ business (team name/ business name, name of all the members, name of the idea or a clue to the idea, at least one contact address, email address and phone number, and any other contact details requested by the Organizer) on the competition website until and including 25.09.2016. The purpose of this stage is for the Organizer to contact the participants and gather information about the organization of the team/ business, and about the development of the submitted idea, and this will not be considered a selection criterion.
Sending the wrong/ incorrect data may result in the exclusion from the competition of the concerned team/ business.

5.2. The submission to the competition will be accompanied by a brief description of the idea that the participants wish to submit. The description must be of a maximum 140 characters. To protect the copyright of the participants, the description should not directly disclose the entire contents of the ideas to be presented. It must, however, indicate the topic and provide an attractive presentation of the idea in order to sustain its relevance, and it must also show how it can be of interest for both the Organizer and the software, and IT services market.

5.3. In the second stage of the contest, participants have the possibility to establish a meeting with the Organizer for the revision of the ideas and presentation portfolios, before they are presented to the jury. Meetings can be scheduled in the period between 25.09.2016 and 15.10.2016, and will last up to one hour for each participant. During the meeting, each team/ business will discuss about their startup/idea, current team, future plans. The purpose of the meeting is to narrow down the applicant’s pool based on the quality, clarity and accuracy of the startup/idea presented. At this stage, participants will receive details about the information that the presentation of their idea to the jury should contain.

5.4. The last stage of the competition (Stage III) consists of presenting the ideas to the jury (composed of Imprezzio Group representatives) on 22.10.2016. The presentation should be as creative and persuasive as possible. In evaluating the presentation, the ability of the teams to impress the jury with their idea will be considered, as well as the techniques used to highlight its originality. The main evaluation criterion is the potential of the presented idea to become a profitable business.


6.1. The criteria taken into account when considering ideas for the 1st prize are the following: the potential of the idea of becoming a profitable business, stage of execution of the project, and validation by the IT business market.

6.2. Granting an investment for the most promising idea will be decided by the Organizer after assessing the potential of the idea to develop into a profitable business, the Organizer not being obliged to grant the investment to the contest winner.


7.1. If the jury considers that one of the ideas has a huge potential for growth and is convinced by the team who submitted the idea in question that the project deserves to receive an investment, the Organizer will decide to grant the winning team a trip to USA (transport, accommodation, per diem) for one of the team members of that team. Further, granting an investment will imply a negotiation between the winning team and the potential investors. The investor will make available resources to the considered winning team, only if both parties will agree on a certain way of collaboration. The resources made available will materialize through the following: logistics, location, costs of salaries for a limited period of time, a certain number of hours for developing the idea into a business, other costs related to business: marketing, consulting, product distribution, and so on. The amount granted as investment will not, under any circumstances, be made available in cash to the winner, but it will ensure the Investor’s support in the project’s development, being used in any manner for the benefit of the business creation and expansion.


8.1. By entering the competition, all participants express their agreement that the submitted ideas be presented to the Organizer and the participating audience during the event.

8.2. When registering for the contest, participants confirm the possibility of any third parties and the Organizers using in the future certain ideas, concepts, processes, methods or parts of these underlying the presented project’s operations, notwithstanding thereby legal provisions on copyright and related rights.

8.3. In case there is a suspicion of a possible infringement of their copyrights by the Organizer, the participants pledge to notify him of that aspect.

8.4. Registration for the contest will not be allowed for an idea, if by that it violates the intellectual property rights of third parties. Each competing team takes responsibility regarding this issue, guaranteeing ownership of all intellectual property rights on the ideas and projects presented. The Organizer cannot be held responsible and will not be involved in any litigation in case the contents of the ideas do not belong entirely to the participants, the responsibility lies solely with the participant. The Organizer reserves the right to take measures considered necessary, including disqualification from the contest, in case the Organizer discovers during the course of the contest that one of the participants does not hold the intellectual property rights of the submitted idea, or if any claim of copyrights is raised against Imprezzio Global LLC by a third party. In the latter case, the participant will have the exclusive obligation to meet third party claims.


9.1. By registering for the contest, participants convey their express and unequivocal consent to the processing of their personal data by Imprezzio Global LLC for the purposes of the competition and in accordance with legal regulations in Romania.

9.2. By means of this Regulation, participants are informed about the identity of the Organizer and about the following aspects: data provided is processed solely for the purpose of organizing the competition and identifying the winners, the recipient of the processed data is the Organizer, failure to provide identification data will result in the impossibility to make the prizes available to the winners, and exercising legal rights to protect personal data in relation to the Organizer will be done by submitting an application to him.
9.3. Thus, participants can submit an application to the Organizer in order to exercise the following rights provided by law 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, and the free movement of such data:

  • The right of access to data – Participants can obtain confirmation that the personal data provided to the Organizer was or was not processed by him.
  • The right to modify the data – Participants can obtain rectification, updating, blocking or deletion of incomplete data, or processing the data which is not in accordance with legal provisions.
  • The right to object – Participants can bring a founded opposition regarding the processing of personal data or the disclosure of that data to third parties.
  • The right not to be subjected to an individual decision – Participants can obtain the withdrawal, cancellation or re-evaluation of any decision which produces legal effects against them and which is adopted only after processing personal data, fulfilling the conditions stipulated in the law on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

9.4. Participants have the right to address the competent Romanian judiciary courts in connection with any dispute which concerns the exercise of the above rights.


The competition may terminate before the date of the last stage, specified in section 5.4, in case the Organizer is found unable to continue ensuring the continuation of the contest for reasons beyond his control. Also, the contest ends in case of an event constituting force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances before reaching the end of the timeline. The organizer reserves the right to suspend at any time the stages specified in paragraph V, being obligated to give advance notice to the participants about this decision.


11.1. In case of disputes between the Organizer and the participants in the competition, these will be resolved amicably. If resolving the disputes in this manner is not possible, then the parties involved will submit for arbitration to the judiciary court of Cluj Napoca any dispute regarding organization and implementation of the contest and interpretation of the present Regulation.

11.2. By entering the contest, participants agree with the provisions of this Regulation.

Organizer Contact

Address: Imprezzio Global LLC
Phone: +40 (364) 881-355
E-mail: ideachallenge@imprezzio.com