Build. Partner up. Accelerate
with Idea Challenge by Imprezzio
overview & goals

Great ideas can change the world, but they always need someone to believe in them.

If you have a great startup/ idea and are looking for a partner to grow with, Imprezzio is your opportunity.

Let us know about your startup/ idea, be part of Idea Challenge competition and you may obtain the investment you need to take it to the next level.

Imprezzio (a global software provider) has experience working with businesses of all sizes, nurturing own ideas and partnering with startups. As a company we are eager to share our experience and knowledge with you.

We strongly believe in partnering up and working together with the purpose of reaching the maximum potential of your startup/ idea.

Is this for me?
Why should I apply?

The best startups/ ideas can obtain investments from our company.
If one or more startups/ ideas have great potential and the jury will be convinced that the startup/ idea/s are worthy, we will invest according to the startup/ idea needs in any of the following:

  • Logistics
  • Location
  • Wage costs for a certain period
  • Development hours for your idea
  • Other costs: marketing, distribution, consultancy etc.

You will not receive the money in hand, instead, we will support your startup/ idea with any resources in order to accelerate it and to make it grow.

We are flexible about the collaboration agreement, knowing that each startup/ idea is unique and has different needs.


Open subscriptions

8th of August - 25th of September
8th of August - 9th of October

Review meetings

25th of September – 15th of October

Pitch in front of the jury

22nd of October
Cluj Napoca


USA Trip

A USA trip will be granted to the startup / idea that impressed our jury the most. The purpose of the trip to USA is to discuss with potential investors. All the costs involved will be supported by our company for one member of the winning team.


Special Prizes

From our Challenge Coach, Tal Catran:

  • 5 hours of mentoring for each of the first 3 winning teams.

From Cluj Today:

  • 5 classes of public speaking and PR in Romanian and English
  • 1 article published in and

How it works
Submission criteria

Phase 01

Team, contact details. – It is not a selection criterion, it is a way for us to establish contact with you and understand how your startup/ idea is built.

Convince us in a phrase, without disclosing the startup/ idea, that you’ve got something interesting for us/ for the market. Sell us your startup/ idea – 140 characters – Deadline 25th of September.

Phase 02

During the period of 25th of September and 15th of October, we will schedule a meeting with you. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss about the clarity of your startup/ idea, involvement of the team members and the future plans. The end result of these meetings is establishing the teams entering the pitching session.

Phase 03

On the 22nd of October, in Cluj-Napoca, teams will appear in front of the Jury to pitch in. Teams need to be creative in order to impress the jury with their startup/ idea. The pitching sessions will be public.

01 02 03

& eligibility criteria

Your idea must have an IT component in order to enter the competition.

After the review meeting that takes place in phase 02 we will let you know if your startup/ idea is suitable to go to the pitching session.


Russell Page

Chief Executive Officer at Imprezzio

CEO of DaRK Capital and its worldwide subsidiaries, Russell possesses 20 years of software, manufacturing and insurance industry experience, including strategic positions at Plymouth Rock, State Farm and PII.

Russell is a trusted expert in increasing firm performance by delivering results via innovative Big Data, analytics and automation solutions. Russell’s responsibilities include developing the company’s strategic direction, branding, sales, marketing, P&L, operations, product development and overall portfolio performance. Russell received his B.S. degree Summa Cum Laude from the Eureka College School of Business and his MBA from the University of Idaho

Kelly Birr

Chief Innovation Officer at Imprezzio

When asked how his brain works, he calls it “Invention-on-demand.” Kelly is a self-taught expert in bridging the gap between technical creations and customer needs. His passion lies in the challenge of problem solving.

One of the founding owners of Imprezzio, Inc., Kelly is the Chief Innovation Officer responsible for overseeing research and development of products and technology for Imprezzio and its family of brands. An independent tech consultant prior to starting Imprezzio, Kelly has been the backing force in creating technical solutions and internal systems along with the security to support these solutions since the company’s inception. Kelly puts his heart and soul into his work and is thrilled to do what he loves. He is inspired by the opportunity to create the best solution for his customers and the ability to witness those solutions boost their business.

Neil Hargreaves

Executive Vice President of Imprezzio Inc

Neil Hargreaves is the Executive Vice President of Imprezzio Inc., responsible for their major operational functions and business interactions. Neil’s technical background helps greatly in understanding the more challenging aspects of our large software endeavors.

Neil has 18 years’ experience in the technology sector, having been previously involved in the automotive field. Working for different large companies, Neil moved to Imprezzio to take on the challenge of a new industry and the more rapid pace of technological change in the realm of web-based software and large server applications.

He completed his education in England, gaining degree level qualifications firstly in Business and Computer Science, majoring in Artificial Intelligence.

Tudor Ciuleanu

Managing Director at Imprezzio Global

With an endless passion for his business and the vision of the new generation of leaders, Tudor Ciuleanu drives an active environment at Imprezzio Global. After only 2 years as a Software Engineer at Digilent, Tudor accepted in 2008 the challenge to set Imprezzio’s roots in Romania. During these years, Tudor grew the business from a small development department into a trustworthy partner for customers all around the world. His key drivers are enabling the team`s potential and making sure that customer expectations are met every time.

Since the early days, Tudor got involved in encouraging students to develop creative software solutions, through the Imprezzio Software Contest and now he is looking for an idea to invest in.

For cooling down the engines, Tudor prefers the adrenaline rush given by Mountain Bike Racing, White Water Kayaking or Snowboarding.

Daniel Székely

Head of SME Banking of Banca Transilvania

Daniel is the current Head of MSME Banking of Banca Transilvania. For over 12 years with Banca Transilvania, Daniel was initially involved in corporate banking and then, in 2005, he was appointed managing director of the newly created Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) business line.

Throughout the years, the MSME business line launched an extensive range of products and services adapted and dedicated to the micro, small and medium sized Romanian businesses. Gradually Banca Transilvania became the third largest bank in the country with a significant contribution from the MSME business line and is generally perceived today as “The Entrepreneurs Bank”.

Challenge Coach

Tal Catran


Tal Catran is the undoubted Accelerators Guru, founded 7 so far in Israel and mentor dozens more worldwide. Tal is an angel investor in technology startups, as well as chairman and director in a variety of companies and startups.

Based on his hands-on experience, he is a renown public speaker sharing facts and tips on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Startup Nation and globally, emphasizing the challenges and rules of engagement, making ideas into reality.

Tal’s experience of working with startups stretches from Israel to the Baltics (Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania), Finland, Russia, India, China and lately Romania, following a successful first encounter with the local hubs and startups scene in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca.


Meet our friends that share the Idea Challenge vision.

Together with them we are working to bring closer our promise to Build. Partner Up. Accelerate something great.


"Idea Challenge was first of all a great opportunity in understanding the rigors of our start-up from a business perspective. We participated in the competition in October 2015 and we made it on the podium, as the 3rd team in the contest. However, after further evaluation, ECON team was chosen to send a representative in United States of America for evaluating the best investment approach. At this moment we are building a strategy so we can move forward to define a first milestone and its implementation financial needs."

Econ Team

"From my point of view the event was a great one and didn't find flaws in it. Being the 1st edition that you organized, I see it as a good benchmark for the next ones. Definitely I would come to the next one and be much more prepared. I would look up to how the pitches are held and try to make the idea worthwhile."

MITsu Team