Idea Challenge
overview & goals
(2015 edition)

Great ideas can change the world, but they always need someone to believe in them.

If you have a great idea and you don`t know how to take it to the next level or you are a team/ startup in search for resources, Idea Challenge can be the key.

Imprezzio, a global software provider, is looking for a great idea / startup to partner up. We have experience working with businesses of all sizes, nurturing our own ideas and partnering with startups and we are eager to share our experience and knowledge with you.

Share your idea with us, be part of Idea Challenge competition and you may receive an investment of up to 25.000 USD.


Open subscriptions

1st of August - 20th of September

Review meetings

15th – 25th of September

Pitch in front of the jury

3rd of October

The greatest idea
can win the grand prize of a $25.000 investment

If one idea has great potential and the jury will be convinced that the idea is worthy, we will invest 25.000 $, materialized in any of the following:

  • Logistics
  • Location
  • Wage costs for a certain period
  • Development hours for your idea
  • Other costs: marketing, distribution, consultancy etc.

We will not give you cash in hand, instead we will support your business/idea with any need in order to nurture it and to make it grow.
We are flexible about the collaboration agreement, as we know that each idea / startup is unique and has different needs.

Prize of choice
for the best 3 ideas

The winners can choose their prize from the products listed below:

  • MacBook Space Grey
  • Apple Watch
  • iPhone

Rule for choosing:
1st place can choose from the 3 listed objects
2nd place from the remaining 2 objects
3rd place with the remaining item.

How it works
Submission criteria

Phase 01

Team, contact details. – It is not a selection criteria, it is a way for us to establish contact with you and understand how your idea/business is built.

Phase 02

Sell us your idea – 140 characters – DDL 15th of September. A phrase where, in 140 characters, not directly disclosing the idea, you can give us a hint of what your idea means and why it can be interesting for us/for the market.

Phase 03

Schedule a meeting with us – two weeks before – 15th – 25th of September. Every team will have the chance to receive business advice and consultancy before the event in a 1h meeting with our tech specialists. At this point we will also direct you to prepare a checklist that should be available as information at the moment of Pitching.

Phase 04

Pitch in front of the Jury, on the 3rd of October, in Cluj-Napoca. Teams need to be creative in order to impress the jury with their idea.


Rules &
eligibility criteria

There is no criteria to be met, anyone who has an idea or a startup and contains an IT component is eligible to participate.

Meet the judges

Dave Talarico

President Dark Capital

Dave has worked in the graphic design and technology field for 20+ years. He is a self-taught graphic designer who ran a graphic design business before starting Imprezzio. In 2004 he launched Imprezzio along with business partner, custom software developer, Kelly Birr. Together they created the product that became AgentsAlly. Dave originally acted as CEO of Imprezzio before handing over day-to-day leadership to Russell Page.

DaRK Capital Angel Fund is constantly looking for new technology opportunities. Dave is responsible for business acquisitions, creative strategy and new product research. He is currently serving as President and Chairman of the Board for DaRK Capital.

Russell Page

Chief Executive Officer at Imprezzio

CEO of DaRK Capital and its worldwide subsidiaries, Russell possesses 20 years of software, manufacturing and insurance industry experience, including strategic positions at Plymouth Rock, State Farm and PII.

Russell is a trusted expert in increasing firm performance by delivering results via innovative Big Data, analytics and automation solutions. Russell’s responsibilities include developing the company’s strategic direction, branding, sales, marketing, P&L, operations, product development and overall portfolio performance. Russell received his B.S. degree Summa Cum Laude from the Eureka College School of Business and his MBA from the University of Idaho

Kelly Birr

Chief Innovation Officer at Imprezzio

When asked how his brain works, he calls it “Invention-on-demand.” Kelly is a self-taught expert in bridging the gap between technical creations and customer needs. His passion lies in the challenge of problem solving.

One of the founding owners of Imprezzio, Inc., Kelly is the Chief Innovation Officer responsible for overseeing research and development of products and technology for Imprezzio and its family of brands. An independent tech consultant prior to starting Imprezzio, Kelly has been the backing force in creating technical solutions and internal systems along with the security to support these solutions since the company’s inception. Kelly puts his heart and soul into his work and is thrilled to do what he loves. He is inspired by the opportunity to create the best solution for his customers and the ability to witness those solutions boost their business.

Mike Werner

President of OmniPark

Mike Werner is the President of OmniPark and the Vice President of Business Development for Dark Capital. Mike is a versatile high-energy executive with a diverse blend of successful leadership experiences. His executive leadership experiences involved transitioning new and under-performing organizations toward higher levels of performance. He has a proven ability to adapt quickly and make strategic decisions that enhance performance, eliminate in-efficiency, increase revenues and maximize opportunity.

He graduated from Pacific Lutheran University where he received his B.A. in Business. Previously, Mike has held multiple leadership roles in various industries:

  • Director of Asset Management, City of Spokane.
  • Prior leadership experiences include Executive Vice President, InstaCOVER
  • Managing Director, Infrastructure Fundamentals
  • Vice President of Sales and Marketing, VMRD Labs
  • Department Head, Amylin Pharmaceuticals
  • Sr. Business Manager, Bristol Myers-Squibb

Tudor Ciuleanu

Managing Director at Imprezzio Global

With an endless passion for his business and the vision of the new generation of leaders, Tudor Ciuleanu drives an active environment at Imprezzio Global. After only 2 years as a Software Engineer at Digilent, Tudor accepted in 2008 the challenge to set Imprezzio’s roots in Romania. During these years, Tudor grew the business from a small development department into a trustworthy partner for customers all around the world. His key drivers are enabling the team`s potential and making sure that customer expectations are met every time.

Since the early days, Tudor got involved in encouraging students to develop creative software solutions, through the Imprezzio Software Contest and now he is looking for an idea to invest in.

For cooling down the engines, Tudor prefers the adrenaline rush given by Mountain Bike Racing, White Water Kayaking or Snowboarding.