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Great ideas can change the world, but they always need someone to believe in them.

If you have a great startup/ idea and are looking for a partner to grow with, Imprezzio is your opportunity.

Let us know about your startup/ idea, be part of Idea Challenge competition and you may obtain the investment you need to take it to the next level.

Imprezzio (a global software provider) has experience working with businesses of all sizes, nurturing own ideas and partnering with startups. As a company we are eager to share our experience and knowledge with you.

We strongly believe in partnering up and working together with the purpose of reaching the maximum potential of your startup/ idea.

Is this for me?
Why should I apply?

The best startups/ ideas can obtain investments from our company.
If one or more startups/ ideas have great potential and the jury will be convinced that the startup/ idea/s are worthy, we will invest according to the startup/ idea needs in any of the following:

  • Logistics
  • Location
  • Wage costs for a certain period
  • Development hours for your idea
  • Other costs: marketing, distribution, consultancy etc.

You will not receive the money in hand, instead, we will support your startup/ idea with any resources in order to accelerate it and to make it grow.

We are flexible about the collaboration agreement, knowing that each startup/ idea is unique and has different needs.


"Idea Challenge was first of all a great opportunity in understanding the rigors of our start-up from a business perspective. We participated in the competition in October 2015 and we made it on the podium, as the 3rd team in the contest. However, after further evaluation, ECON team was chosen to send a representative in United States of America for evaluating the best investment approach. At this moment we are building a strategy so we can move forward to define a first milestone and its implementation financial needs."

Econ Team

"From my point of view the event was a great one and didn't find flaws in it. Being the 1st edition that you organized, I see it as a good benchmark for the next ones. Definitely I would come to the next one and be much more prepared. I would look up to how the pitches are held and try to make the idea worthwhile."

MITsu Team

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